H.323 System closed

Please note that accounts with IP phone number 68***** are in old H.323 system and need to be transferred to SIP system. Check announcement below for service plan and how to upgrade. H.323 system will be shut down on 3/10/2014. Accounts with number 68***** won't be able to make or received phone calls.

New Service Plan

Please note that TalkPro will charge monthly fee starting February 1st, 2014. Please make sure you have enough balance to keep the service. For more detail, please click here.

Upgrade to SIP!

If your TalkPro phone number starts with 68, you must upgrade to SIP platform, replacing your old account with a new account. All 68 account will be canceled on February 28th, 2014.

If you are using an USB phone, please check here.

If you are using an R series desktop phone, check here.

For B series adaptor box, Please check here.


Having problem on installation or firewall?

please check FAQ

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